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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Theme

Your wedding is a day you have dreamed of for a long time. An occasion to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé. A chance to share and pledge the growth of that love in front of those that mean the most to you. So when choosing a theme for your wedding it should be something personal, something that represents your relationship. It can be tempting to keep up with current trends, but when it comes to your big day, the meaning behind it is of much more importance. So, how do you come up with the perfect theme for your wedding? Here are a few questions to help!

What showcases you and your fiancé's personality?

Take cues from what is important to you both. What activities do you always enjoy doing together? Are you into fine dining and art galleries, prefer a picnic in the park, or a day lounging at the beach? What is a true reflection of your relationship and how you enjoy spending time together? Your theme should represent the union of your unique personalities.

What does your venue inspire?

If you have already booked your venue, this will set the foundation of your wedding theme. A wedding on a farm will lend itself to a light, casual atmosphere where wildflowers and rustic decor will shine. A romantic garden, will lend itself to your fairytale vision. A church and reception hall will flow with classic values and lines. A beach wedding will contribute to a flowy, chill atmosphere.

If you have not yet chosen your venue, consider the questions of what meshes with your personalities as a couple and be sure to then choose something that complements, rather than clashes with this.

Keep in mind the dress code will also have an effect on venue and vice versa. A black tie event will be uncomfortable on the beach, while casual dress will not lend itself to a glamourous ballroom.

What season will you be holding your wedding in?

When you are getting married also has a major impact on what theme shines through. A wedding in summer months would lend itself to a sunny affair at the beach or a southern plantation. Spring weddings surrounded by delicate florals in a garden or brilliant greenery on a farm are also beautiful options.

If you are planning your event around a holiday, this can also lend to theme and color scheme. A fall wedding can be a timeless classic with muted orange and burgundy hues. A December wedding set amidst, pine and twinkle lights can create the coziest romantic atmosphere, while a January wedding can dazzle with crisp blues and icy details.

What is your budget?

Though not as fun and imaginative as the rest, budget place an important role in choosing the theme of your wedding. An elegant black tie affair with a long guest list and hosted in your locations most sought after venue will cost a lot more than a rustic, boho, or more modest classic wedding. Perhaps you do want a very dramatic theme that will require you spend a little more. This is not necessarily a problem should you choose a more intimate guest list.

Wedding Theme Ideas

  1. Beach

  2. Garden

  3. Rustic

  4. Tropical

  5. Boho

  6. Travel

  7. Vineyard

  8. Classic

  9. Modern

  10. Romantic

  11. Glamorous

  12. Vintage

  13. Southern Inspired

  14. Formal/Traditional

  15. Nautical

  16. Holiday

  17. Favorite Movie

  18. Literature

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